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The Top 5 Greteast Quarterback Performances in Super Bowl History

Super Bowl

As is the case with most sports, football is a team sport. This especially holds true considering that there are 53 guys on each roster. But at the same time, no position gets as much credit or scrutiny than the guy under center: The quarterback. With the big game less than a week away, here’s a look at some of the most memorable performances by a quarterback in the Super Bowl.

Greatest Quarterback Peformances in Super Bowl History No. 5: Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl LII

The Philadelphia Eagles were squaring off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Although Foles played the role of backup QB for most of the 2017 NFL season, he put together a solid performance in this one. He completed 28 of 43 passes for 373 yards. Foles also had three passing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown, becoming the first player in NFL history to throw and catch a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

On the drive that put the Eagles up for good, Foles completed eight of 10 passes that took more than seven minutes off the clock. In the end, the Eagles emerged victorious, knocking off the Patriots by a 41-33 margin.

Greatest Quarterback Peformances in Super Bowl History No. 4: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XLVI

In this matchup, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were going up against a tough Pittsburgh Steelers squad that was ranked 1st in sacks (48) and points allowed per game (14.5). But in his lone appearance in the big game, A-Rod proved that he belonged in the conversation as one of the league’s premier quarterbacks. He completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards. He had three touchdowns and no turnovers while finishing with a QB rating of 111.5.

Thanks to his solid outing, the Packers edged the Steelers 31-25. After coming up short in the year’s playoffs, one can’t help but wonder if Rodgers and the Packers have enough talent to engineer another Super Bowl run before his NFL career is over.

Greatest Quarterback Peformances in Super Bowl History No. 3: Phil Simms, New York Giants, Super Bowl XXI

Every so often a guy is included on an all-time great list, not because of the quantity of work but the quality. Phil Simms certainly fits the bill in this instance. In this Super Bowl matchup, the New York Giants were facing off against the Denver Broncos. Simms started the game on a high note, completing his first seven passes and never looked back.

Additionally, he also completed his last 10 passes, totaling 165 yards and a pair of touchdowns, as the Giants went on to defeat the Broncos 39-20. Simms completed 88 percent of his passes (22-for-25) for 268 yards to go along with three touchdowns. Furthermore, both his completion percentage and 150.9 QB rating, are still Super Bowl records.

Greatest Quarterback Peformances in Super Bowl History No. 2: Tom Brady, New England Patriots, Super Bowl LI

To be honest, no one was giving the Atlanta Falcons much of a chance against TB12 and the Patriots. Surprisingly, they proved to be a more difficult opponent than most expected. In fact, they led 21-0 in the second quarter, after Brady threw a pick-six and they led 28-3 in the third quarter. Then, the Patriots turned things around, to say the least.

Brady guided his team on five straight scoring drives after the break, including a pair of touchdowns and two-point conversions in the fourth quarter, to send the game into overtime. The Patriots won the coin toss in the extra period and capped off their game-winning drive with a two-yard touchdown run by James White. Not only did the Patriots win the game 34-28, but they also overcame the largest deficit in Super Bowl history, and they became the first team to win the Super Bowl in overtime.

The Greatest Quarterback Peformances in Super Bowl History: Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl XXIV

San Francisco 49ers quarterback was playing in his fourth Super Bowl against a Denver Broncos team that gave up just 14.1 points per contest. Unfortunately for the Steelers, their vaunted defense would be no match for Joe Cool. How superb was Montana in this one? Well, he completed 22 of his 29 passing attempts for 297 yards and what was then a Super Bowl record five touchdowns. Steve Young would break the record with six TD passes five years later.

At one point, Montana completed 13 straight passes en route to compiling a quarterback rating of 147.6. San Francisco thoroughly dominated the game to the extent that Montana sat out the entire fourth quarter. Thanks to Montana’s contributions, the 49ers went on to win in convincing fashion 55-10. Montana won the MVP in his final appearance in the big game, becoming just the third player to win the award in the regular season and the Super Bowl.

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