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2019-2020 College Football Futures

College football futures add another layer of excitement to the growingly popular world of NCAAF betting in New Jersey and offer players the chance to win big money if they correctly predict who will win key titles months before the games are played.

Most college football bets are focused on single-game winners but NCAA football futures give fans the chance to bet on who will win the NCAA championship or one of the league’s top divisions weeks or even months ahead of time. Some sportsbooks even let you bet on which player will win the Heisman trophy, whether Alabama will finish with more than 13 wins, or whether Ohio State will make the College Football Playoff.

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NCAAF futures can pay out in a big way, especially if you can predict a dark horse team’s rise before it happens. Of course, they can also take months to resolve so you will have to wait a while to get any money you may win. Below is a quick primer on how to bet on college football futures at New Jersey’s online sportsbooks.

Ohio State+500+900+1000+1500+600+1400+225
Notre Dame+10000+8000+3000+5000+8000+6600
Penn State+3000+8000+8000+10000+5000+7000
Mississippi State+15000+25000+25000+15000+15000+8000
Miami Florida+50000+100000+6000+6000+25000+10000
Michigan State+30000+25000+12500+8000+15000+10000

How to Bet on NCAAF Futures

Sportsbooks will usually offer a list of futures bets that is separate from their single-game offerings. In the case of the NCAA championship, sportsbooks will display a long list with each team’s odds.

Here’s an excerpt of what you might see:
Alabama +200
Clemson +200
Ohio State +700
Oklahoma +1200
LSU +2500
Michigan State +5000

All futures bets are displayed with a moneyline, which denotes the ratio between what you put in and the possible winnings. In this case, Alabama and Clemson are the prohibitive favorites for the NCAA title again so a $100 bet on either team would win you $200. If you bet on a longshot like Michigan State, however, your $100 bet would win you a whopping $5000 if the Spartans pull it off.

These odds are constantly changing so while Alabama may be a heavy favorite before the season begins, a short losing skid may result in much more favorable odds. You can also shop around at different New Jersey sportsbooks to find the odds that are most favorable for your pick.

NCAA Football Futures

Along with NCAA championship futures, some sportsbooks also offer a variety of other futures bets.

Some sportsbooks let you bet on which player will win the Heisman trophy. Some players like Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa are early presumptive favorites, so a $100 bet on him may only pay out $275 while a correct guess on a 60 to 1 longshot like Notre Dame’s Ian Book would pay out a cool $6,000.

Sportsbooks may also list futures bets as a question:

Will Georgia make the College Football Playoff?
Yes -230
No +170

In this case, Georgia is likely to make the playoff so you would have to bet $230 to win $100 if they do while your $100 bet would win $170 if they don’t.

Other bets are listed as an over/under, like this:
Alabama regular season wins
Over 10.5 (-175)
Under 10.5 (+250)

In this case, Alabama is heavily favored to win 11 or more games, so you would need to bet $175 to win $100 if they do. They are unlikely to win 10 games or less, so your $100 bet would win $250.

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