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NBA Odds New Jersey

The NBA is one of the fastest and most exciting professional sports and New Jersey’s move to legalize sports betting in 2018 just made it even more exciting. Thanks to a Supreme Court ruling that lifted a federal ban on sports betting, gamblers in New Jersey can now log on to one of at least nine online sportsbooks that have already launched and find NBA odds and betting opportunities without ever leaving their home.

Basketball odds are similar to other sports like the NFL, where each game has a “point spread” that determines how many points the favorite’s margin of victory must be for that bet to pay out. For example, if the Warriors are favored by 6 points, they must win by at least 7 to pay out. Alternately, if the Warriors’ opponent keeps the margin within six points, the underdog bets will pay out.

The NBA also offers moneyline bets, which essentially tell you the ratio of a payout to the initial stake. For example, if the Lakers are a -130 favorite, you would need to bet $130 to win $100. Alternately, if the Lakers are a +140 underdog, your $100 bet would bring in $140. Bettors can also find NBA odds on the point total and bet on whether the combined point total will be “over” or “under” the projected sum. The point total comes with its own moneyline.

NBA betting in NJ

NBA Regular Season

The NBA features 30 different teams playing 82 games each season, which stretches from October to April. The NBA odds throughout the year are determined by a variety of factors, including team strength, opponent team strength, injuries, game trends, and other team factors. Unlike baseball and football where most games start at different times, the majority of NBA games are played at 7 pm and 10 pm, outside of weekends and holidays, so it can be difficult to monitor the action in more than one game if you have wagers on multiple matchups.

NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs feature 16 teams and all series are best-of-seven series. The playoffs last a long time, kicking off in April and stretching through early June. Because of how long the playoffs are, many bettors don’t get too involved until the postseason but the regular season features many opportunities to exploit the basketball odds makers and win cold, hard cash so it’s best to get started early.

NBA Futures

LA Clippers+300+300+350+300+300+300
LA Lakers+325+350+250+390+350+350
Milwaukee Bucks+500+550+550+550+550+550
Philadelphia 76ers+700+700+800+700+600+700
Houston Rockets+800+800+650+800+800+800
Golden State Warriors+25000+20000+50000+16000+20000+20000
Utah Jazz+1600+1600+1500+1800+1600+1600
Denver Nuggets+1600+1800+1400+1600+2000+1800
Brooklyn Nets+8500+4000+12500+2700+2500+4000
Boston Celtics+8000+2200+1500+2700+2000+2200
Portland Trail Blazers+3300+6600+6000+3900+3300+6600
Toronto Raptors+3500+3500+3000+4200+2500+3500
Indiana Pacers+5000+5000+10000+4900+3300+5000
Dallas Mavericks+6000+6600+4000+6500+6600+6600
Miami Heat+4000+6000+3500+6500+5000+6000
San Antonio Spurs+12500+10000+20000+6500+6600+10000
New Orleans Pelicans+12500+15000+25000+10000+8000+15000
Orlando Magic+15000+15000+20000+16000+10000+15000
Atlanta Hawks+20000+20000+50000+21000+15000+20000
Detroit Pistons+20000+25000+50000+24000+25000+25000
Minnesota Timberwolves+20000+20000+30000+13000+25000+20000
Oklahoma City Thunder+25000+20000+50000+25000+25000+20000
Sacramento Kings+25000+25000+30000+18000+15000+25000
Chicago Bulls+25000+35000+50000+25000+40000+35000
New York Knicks+50000+80000+100000+25000+25000+80000
Charlotte Hornets+50000+80000+100000+25000+40000+80000
Cleveland Cavaliers+50000+60000+500000+25000+100000+60000
Memphis Grizzlies+50000+50000+100000+25000+40000+50000
Phoenix Suns+15000+15000+10000+16000+40000+15000
Washington Wizards+40000+25000+100000+25000+20000+25000

All-Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star Weekend features the All-Star game, pitting the best players in each conference against each other. The All-Star Weekend also includes the skills competition, which features a slam dunk contest and three-point contest, and a Rising Stars Challenge, a game featuring the best young stars in the league. Sportsbooks offer a ton of different NBA odds during the All-Star weekend. In fact, the slam dunk competition is more popular than the game itself and may see more bets. Sportsbooks will also offer prop bets, or wagers you can make on individual in-game events like whether a player will score a certain amount of points or whether any of the slam dunk contest participants will jump over a car.

NBA Betting Markets

Along with point spread, moneyline, and over/under bets, many sportsbooks will allow you to make other types of wagers to make games even more interesting.

A parlay is a popular type of wager, which allows you to combine two or more bets into one. A parlay requires both of your bets to hit in order for you to win, but because of the increased risk of losing, the payouts for parlay bets are considerably higher, especially if you combine three or more bets.

You can also make prop bets, which allow you to be on any single event, like whether a player will hit 6 or more three-pointers or whether a guard will have 10 or more assists. You can also make futures bets which allow you to bet on season-long events, like which player will win the MVP or which team will win the Eastern Conference.

Best NJ Sports Betting Sites

Prior to the legalization of online sports betting, many NBA fans entertained themselves with fantasy sports contests on sites like DraftKings and FanDuel. Since the ban on online sports betting was lifted, both DraftKings and FanDuel have launched sportsbooks and offer NBA odds directly on your device. At least seven other online sportsbooks have already launched in New Jersey, including BetStars, 888 Sportsbook, SugarHouse Sportsbook, Caesars, William Hill, and playMGM.

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