NFL futures betting allow you to predict things like the Super Bowl winner months before the game is played and offer big time payouts if you make the right picks.

Most NFL bets are focused on single game winners but NFL futures bets allow you to bet on season-long events like the Super Bowl winner, conference championship winner, and division winner. Some New Jersey sportsbooks also let you bet on which player will win the most valuable player award or whether the the Chiefs will win more than 11 games or whether the Jaguars will make the playoffs.

The great thing about futures bets is that they can offer huge payouts, especially if you are early on an underdog team that is about to make a championship run. Of course, unlike single game bets, these wagers can take months to resolve. Here is a quick primer on how to bet on NFL futures and the betting options offered at New Jersey’s online sportsbooks.

New England Patriots+700+700+700
Kansas City Chiefs+800+800+700
Los Angeles Rams+900+1000+700
New Orleans Saints+900+900+850
Cleveland Browns+1400+1600+1000
Indianapolis Colts+1400+1400+1500
Los Angeles Chargers+1500+1600+1500
Chicago Bears+1600+1700+900
Philadelphia Eagles+1600+1400+1400
Green Bay Packers+2000+1900+1600
Pittsburgh Steelers+2000+2100+2000
Dallas Cowboys+2200+2500+1400
Minnesota Vikings+2200+3000+1800
Atlanta Falcons+2500+3000+4000
Baltimore Ravens+2500+3600+4500
Seattle Seahawks+2500+3000+3000
Houston Texans+3000+3600+5000
San Francisco 49ers+3300+3000+3500
Jacksonville Jaguars+3500+4400+4500
Carolina Panthers+5000+5000+5000
New York Jets+5000+6000+6000
New York Giants+6000+7000+7500
Tennessee Titans+6000+5500+7500
Denver Broncos+6600+7000+1800
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600+6000+10000
Oakland Raiders+7500+7000+5000
Buffalo Bills+10000+8000+8000
Washington Redskins+10000+8000+17500
Arizona Cardinals+12500+11000+15000
Cincinnati Bengals+12500+12000+12500
Detroit Lions+12500+8000+6000
Miami Dolphins+15000+15000+15000

AFC Champions 2020

New England Patriots+315-550+300
Kansas City Chiefs+360-155+350
Cleveland Browns+700+130+400
Indianapolis Colts+700+105+600
Los Angeles Chargers+700+165+700
Pittsburgh Steelers+1000+170+1000
Baltimore Ravens+1400+280+2000
Houston Texans+1400+280+2200
Jacksonville Jaguars+1600+430+2400
New York Jets+2500+650+2200
Oakland Raiders+3000+1600+2000
Tennessee Titans+3000+550+3000
Denver Broncos+3300+1200+2000
Buffalo Bills+5000+1100+3500
Cincinnati Bengals+6600+1800+5000
Miami Dolphins+6600+5000+6000

NFC Champions 2020

Los Angeles Rams+400-195+650
New Orleans Saints+400-175+400
Chicago Bears+700+175+400
Philadelphia Eagles+700-110+600
Green Bay Packers+1000+185+750
Minnesota Vikings+1000+220+800
Dallas Cowboys+1100+140+700
Atlanta Falcons+1200+320+1800
Seattle Seahawks+1200+290+1300
San Francisco 49ers+1600+500+1600
Carolina Panthers+2500+600+2000
New York Giants+2800+1200+5000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+3000+1000+5000
Washington Redskins+4000+1000+6500
Arizona Cardinals+5000+2900+6000
Detroit Lions+5000+1100+2800

How to Bet on NFL Futures

Sportsbooks typically have a list of available futures bets that are separate from their single-game offerings. In cases like which team will win the NFC championship, you may see a long list that looks like this:

Los Angeles Rams +400
New Orleans Saints +400
Chicago Bears +700
Minnesota Vikings +1000
San Francisco 49ers +1600

All futures bets are presented with a moneyline, which is the ratio between your initial wager and the possible payout. In this case, the Rams and Saints are heavily favored to win the title so a $100 bet on either team would pay out $400 if they make the Super Bowl. If the 49ers manage to make a run, your $100 bet would win you a whopping $1600.

Other NFL futures bets may be listed like this:
Regular season wins — Minnesota Vikings
Over +9.0 (-120)
Under +9.0 (+115)

In this case, the Vikings are slightly favored to win more than 9 games. You would have to bet $120 to win $100 if the Vikings win 10 or more games. Nine wins would be push, so you would get your money back. If the Vikings finish with 8 or fewer wins, your $100 bet would win $115.

Other futures bets may be listed as a question:
Will the Seattle Seahawks make the playoffs?
Yes +125
No -175

In this case, the Seahawks are unlikely to make the postseason so you would have to bet $175 to win $100 if they don’t make it. A $100 bet would win you $125 if they do.

Super Bowl Futures

Super Bowl futures are the most popular type of futures bet and can pay off in a big way. In single game bets, heavy favorites usually don’t pay out much but futures bets are so unpredictable that even heavy favorites like the New England Patriots offer a high payout. A preseason $100 bet on the Pats to win the Super Bowl would pay out up to $700 if they pull it off while a bet on a dark horse like the New York Jets would pay out a cool $5,000.

Super Bowl futures can take months to resolve but this also creates added opportunities. The odds of teams winning the Super Bowl change every week based on team performance and other factors. That means you can wait for a better deal to come along or even shop around at multiple sportsbooks to see which one offers the most favorable odds for your pick.